Snap Photography by Keira Carter: Blog en-us (C) Snap Photography by Keira Carter (Snap Photography by Keira Carter) Wed, 13 Apr 2016 20:25:00 GMT Wed, 13 Apr 2016 20:25:00 GMT Snap Photography by Keira Carter: Blog 120 120 Spring is in the air I love Spring

Spring is a time for renewal, new beginnings. I am thrilled to be participating in a photography challenge which promises to take us all out of our "comfort zones". So far, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Thinking outside of the box, improving skills, and developing new talents.

I love how unpredictable the weather is and the way it teases us with those warmer days in preparation for Summer. The blossom trees are among my favorite sights in nature. Unfortunately the orchards are not currently in bloom so I had to be a little more creative for the challenge, and ended up combining two challenges in one. There was no criteria given about location or feature, all we had to do was shoot somewhere that we normally wouldn't and at a time of day that we normally wouldn't as part of the #noexcuses challenge. The second challenge that I incorporated into this was the #noactions while editing. So the blossoms were my own requirement since nothing screams Spring more than those beautiful flower trees. As part of the "no excuses", these pictures were taken at the side of a road, with a lone little blossom tree standing on the edge of an irrigation ditch. We also took the picture at 11am which is a terrible time of day for lighting. The editing is minimal and all by hand which completes the second challenge issues.

What do you all think? Personally I love them. I really love the subject which might have something to do with it but I feel as though these challenges have already forced me to embrace a more artistic quality in my work.


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Keagan's First Year This was Kaegans First Year!!! 

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and capturing this little lad every month. His smile is contagious. His eyes are hypnotic. His chubby little legs are just begging to be nibbled!!!! We had so much fun trying out new ideas and locations, and the little ones always keep me on my toes once they start walking. 

I hope you all enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Valentines Mini Sessions A limited number of sessions available. I have a cute little studio for kids portraits with props or an on location outdoor shoot for cute couples wanting great Valentines images. Book soon to guarantee your spot.

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Bridal Casting Call I am looking for a bride to be or couple who would like a free Bridal/Groomal session. Must take place in Utah County.

This session will be free and you will receive all the edited images from it. In order to be considered please submit a picture of yourself in your dress and a picture of you and your husband to be if you would like a groomal. I have a certain vision for this shoot so the winning bride or couple will be chosen at the photographers discretion. 

Please email to enter.

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Grizzly Bear Happy National Cat day everyone!

This is our Grizzly bear, seemed appropriate to share a picture of him since its national cat day.

We love this fuzzball!

He doesn't look too fuzzy in this picture since he was transitioning from his kitten to adult fur but he's still adorable. What I love the most about this "majestic beast" is how much he loves Telyn. And I mean he really LOVES Telyn. We don't let him sleep in her room because we were worried about him lying on her chest when she's asleep. So he would lie outside her bedroom door and would purr and croon to her hoping that she would open the door. He finally realized he wasn't going to be allowed in and settled for our bed instead. But as soon as her door opens in the morning he runs to her and the decibel level of his purring resembles a lawn mower pushing through that thick new spring growth.

He plays fetch (with Telyn)

He plays tag (with Telyn)

He gets himself caught between the glass and screen of the front room window trying to get outside (to be with Telyn)

He tries to get in the tub (with Telyn)

And likes to run on the treadmill......

He is a character!

Most days he fills our home with joy but every once in a while he's successful in initiating frustration when he's looking down at you from the top of the curtain rail covering the patio door when you're trying to work and edit your session photos....... or........ when he is able to hide himself by being completely camouflaged in the living room black fleece blanket and all of a sudden pop up and scare the living daylights out of you!

A word of caution to this tale......... (might be getting slightly carried away with the Halloween spirit here) I brought Mr. Grizzly home as a surprise. We were not planning on getting a cat. We already have one. But after picking Telyn up from preschool one day she asked if she could go see the fish in the pet store across the street. What's the harm right? So we wander over and walk through the door and as soon as I hear that bell chime for the second time as the door slides back into place I hear a "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mammy!!! Look at that kitten!!!" I was doomed. I turned and saw that fuzzy black face with those beckoning eyes. I turned away and saw the blue/green beckoning eyes of my daughter.....Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Twenty dollars and a box later I have a loud little passenger in the seat next to me. The entire way home I'm thinking the hubby is going to kill me, or divorce me, I am such a goner. We all get home, introduce Grizzly to his new living quarters and start cooking dinner. Hubby is home, puts his bag on the floor and gives us hugs and kisses. I stay silent as I see the fuzzy black devil climb up onto his back pack and start clawing the straps. Hubby turns and sees him.
"Keira, what did you do?!"

I start explaining my actions..... his eyes!..... her eyes!!!!!.......... cute faces!!!!!! But the male was mad. He picked up Grizzly and said I think we need to take him back to the pet store, we're not prepared for another cat. Telyn runs up to her daddy and tears start streaming down her little face and then Jess is a goner too....... the cat stays.

Thankfully Jess forgave me pretty quickly for our new addition and has mentioned on several occasions that he's glad I brought Grizzly home. After we lost Socks last year there was a void in our home and Grizzly is definitely helping to fill that void with his funny and distinctive personality.

I hope you all enjoyed my little story and I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween.

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Mini Fall Session Sale!


Fall Mini Session Sale! This is for a limited number of sessions so book now before they are all gone!

Call or Text: 801-787-0996


Only valid in the Spanish Fork area.

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Gardner Family It's always a great feeling to have clients return to have you photograph their family. It's also a real boost to the confidence when you get a referral from clients to take their friends portraits. I had never met the Gardner family before but it's always exciting to meet new people and to interact with different personalities. And these three boys had amazing personalities!

Kade was my appointed helper for the photo shoot and right off the bat he was talkative and friendly. He was sharing funny little stories with me as we were walking to our backdrop destination and had me giggling the whole time.

Ammon was a little quiet at first but soon warmed up and gave me his sweet smile. He was also very ready to step in an be a dependable little helper.

Sweet little Jax was a ball of energy. And oh my goodness he had me chasing him and making silly faces in order to get his attention. It was worth every silly noise and ugly face in order to get that smile on camera.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer Gardners,and I hope you love your pictures :).

Lisa's and Andy's wedding at St Phillips Church, Reigate and Hartsfield ManorLisa's and Andy's wedding at St Phillips Church, Reigate and Hartsfield Manor Signature Exposure INC (818) 999-1001

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A Different Type of Family Shoot I got pretty drenched this morning......


I got VERY drenched this morning!

But it was so worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. This beautiful family had an opportunity and are moving to Wyoming. I was asked to take a few pictures of them at their beloved Utah home before the move and I just had to jump at the chance. It was such an original and sweet idea. Perfect for their memories and a really different way to say goodbye.

Thank you for having me there Wells family and for tolerating my redneck camera cover a.k.a. white trash bag, and good luck with your new endeavors.

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Inspiration Shoot {Part 2} A rather long pause in my continuation. Family, surgeries, work, life....... I'm sure you have all had weeks like that. One thing after another and never time to finish everything on the list in one day.

I introduced you to the fabulous ladies who made this whole endeavor possible in my first post. If you haven't had a chance to read it, you NEED to read about these women, click here, and I highly recommend them in their chosen professions.

Our first look was very natural and elegant. We wanted the subject to be in stark contrast from the background of the location. Her beautifully loose curled hair with a natural makeup palette perfectly complimented the cream dress and classic beauty of her understated bouquet.


What you can't see from these pictures is how cold it was that day! There was torrential rain that day and we were so worried that the months of planning and creating were all going to be ruined. This was THE day, there would be no other in the near future where we could all get together to make this happen. We decided to go for it. As the ladies were following me up the canyon the rain continued to fall and the wind was blowing pretty heavily. Turning one of the many corners I saw it, a perfect sunny opening in the clouds right over our shooting location! I definitely said a few prayers earlier in the afternoon and the heavens cleared exactly where it needed to.

Emma was a true professional, it was so cold but she didn't let it show in a single one of her images. Stunning and poised in each one while the rest of us were bundled in out coats.

At the halfway point we quickly wrapped a blanket around her frozen form, I had bananas, granola bars and water (should have brought hot chocolate in hindsight) in the back of my jeep which was also doubling up as a change room and hair station. What a glamorous occasion for Emma.

Time for the second look.

We wanted something more dramatic and colorful for this one. A beautiful shade of purple on the elegant dress, standout colorful dramatic makeup which was made more prominent by having her hair in a loose side braid. The floral arrangement was fresh, bright and eye catching and complimented the tone of the dress perfectly.

Three of us packed up the steep trail/climb, assisting Emma in her dress and tip toeing across ledges to get the perfect shot. I can't speak for everyone but personally I found the result absolutely breathtaking. The pale green tone of the cedar pushed focus onto Emma and the muted orange tones of the rocks at the higher elevation didn't clash with the dramatic colors of her dress or arrangement.

Desi 10-15-16-20Desi 10-15-16-20 D1

I would love to know what you all think of this collaboration. Don't be shy, comment here or on Facebook! And please don't forget to support all the wonderful ladies who made this possible.

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Inspiration Collaboration Shoot {Part One} This was the shoot of a long time vision.

Let me take you on a slight detour before reaching the destination of this personal dream......

When I decided to put myself out there as a professional photographer a few years ago, after having a passion for it for years it was incredibly nerve wrecking. When I began my journey I constantly compared myself to others in the field and felt so sub par and inferior. I wasn't quite bringing forth my vision in my head to my images.

Editing was another challenge, everyone was doing the same thing. Black and white image with an accent color. Old fashioned textured image. Overly saturated, glassy eyes, painfully fake images.

I felt as though I needed to follow suit in order to be successful, and looking back I wish I had developed and stayed true to my personal taste and style.

I picked up my camera and practiced every single day. I researched, I studied, I took classes, I invested in mentoring and equipment. Then one day................ I stopped............I looked at my pictures. Truly looked at my images. I was capturing my artistic vision. I was becoming the artist I wanted to be! It was exhilarating!

Do I edit? YES! And I have never denied that fact. But my goal as a photographer is to be able to capture as much as possible IN CAMERA. That is what separates professionals from amateurs. I show my clients the RAW files, I am not ashamed of them, they are beautiful and true. So why do I edit? I edit because I love color, I love definition, and as wonderful as nature and my camera are at capturing those two things, digital does not have the depth of film.

Here is a visual:-

The picture on the left is the edited version and the one on the right is straight out of camera, no tweeks. Notice the rainbow? Yes I didn't fake it in photoshop, I'm not that talented when it comes to photoshop (hopefully the rude email I received from another photographer will now absolve me from being a liar?). Did I enhance the rainbow? You better believe it! I caught a rainbow, I'd be a fool not to! Notice the bokeh in the background? Also not photoshopped. I did however enhance the color, and its at my discretion to do so since this is my art expression. Did I enhance handsome Keagons skin tone? Yup, because even though the rainbow is impressive he is the main focus of the image and I wanted to highlight his adorable cheeky smiling face.

Now back to the main focus of this post......

This beautiful woman and the other beautiful women who made it possible.

The beautiful model is Emma Johnson, naturally beautiful and perfect in every way. You would be green with envy if it wasn't for the fact that she is as adorable on the inside as she is on the outside. Funny, charismatic, elegant......... a photographers dream.

Brittany Sawatski with Tangles Hair and Makeup was on hand since we decided to go for two separate looks. Brittany was "heavily" pregnant at the time of the shoot and even though it made my heart jump to my throat she braved a few steep climbs to assist us. If anyone ever needs hair or makeup for ANY occasion, she truly is magnificent. Such attention to detail with spellbinding results.

Elisha Cook with E-Flowers was also kind enough to come assist with the shoot. Another amazing woman, she is truly an artist in her craft. The detail and colors of her arrangements were an inspiration on their own. Another person you definitely need to consider for your wedding or formal needs.

Would you be surprised if I told you that only Brittany and I had met previously?

It's the truth, and we met at the very beginning of my photography journey. I think all of us were slightly apprehensive about if we would all get along and if each others vision would truly be represented in the images, which rested on my shoulders. As you've all probably already guessed we got along fabulously. I felt as though we had all known each other for years and we were having a good old girls afternoon out. We laughed, we chatted, and we obviously took pictures.














I'm afraid this post will have to be in two parts as I underestimated how much I had to say, so to be continued........

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An Impromtu Shoot Many of you have already seen this image......

What you do not know is that this was a completely spontaneous "shoot".

Telyn had her preschool pictures a couple of weeks ago, and she looked so adorable I wanted to snap a few for myself. She put her sloth down and sat on the porch when I had a light bulb moment. She  loves sloth. I love that she loves sloth. Sloth even has his own language and cute way of speaking. I realized that I have no pictures of them together, something that I needed to capture.


She started off a little serious. Probably due to the fact that all of our cute neighbor children were out playing and she was longing to join them. But I love how she has her favorite stuffed friend sitting on her lap and cradled in her arms.

I love these ones. She's always snuggling sloth and making sure he's feeling very loved and cared for.

Can't get enough of those eyes!!!

This one above is my favorite of the bunch. Perfectly displaying her emotion and the movement of her rocking her best toy friend. This will be on my wall, on a canvas..... A very big canvas.

I love that I have these captured memories.

Parents.... don't ever be afraid to bring your childs prized friends along with them for their portraits. We need these memories preserved. And I'm pretty sure our children will love to look back on these images and remember some wonderful times in their childhood.

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Telyn is Four How long did I blink?

My darling girl is four?!

I can't believe how quick time flies when you're engaged in motherhood. Yet,  I cannot imagine a single day without this fuzzy headed bear.

This little ball of energy knows how to bring her parents to their knees by the time 7pm comes around. She is so active, energetic and fun. She's also a sensitive little soul with a love of books. I am in heaven when she grabs her stack of books and we get to snuggle for a few minutes while I read to her wonderful and wacky tales of make believe imagination.

To my daughter

For a four year old you are incredibly intuitive. When mammy might not be having the best of days I will always feel those delicate and beautiful little arms surround me. Your hair tickling my cheek while you lean in to give me a kiss and tell me how much you love me. Parents live for those moments. They are the most precious.

I have always loved photography but I truly didn't appreciate its value until I held you in my arms for the very first time. Momentary heartbreak when I realized in our rush to reach the hospital we had forgotten my camera. Thankfully we live in an age where even cell phones have decent camera technology. Not that I would ever be able to forget those first moments. They are forever ingrained in my memory. The way your daddy looked at you when he first saw you filled my heart with such overwhelming joy. Seeing your perfect little face as I cradled you in my arms and knew there was nothing I could ever love more than this little person who was trusted to my charge. So why the momentary heartbreak? Well, I wanted those images for you. I wanted you too see and share in those memories with your parents when you are old enough to understand, when we tell you the story of how you came into our family.

I'm so grateful you tolerate your mother putting a lens in front of you so frequently. I want to capture every aspect of your sweet self. You are such a beautiful little girl. You really are breathtaking. And your personality shines and gleams in those mischievous little eyes of yours. I love how everyone is your friend and how you do your best to make everyone feel special and loved.

All too soon you won't want to snuggle with me on the couch while we read your favorite stories or watch Frozen. I won't hear you singing the lyrics of that movie for the thousandth time in your room when you're supposed to be sleeping. I'll miss the owls on your walls. The my little ponies littered on the floor waiting for me to step on will also be gone. I'll long to see you have sloth as your constant companion and seeing you both sneak down the hall for another goodnight hug and kiss, possibly the fourth or fifth before you finally submit to sleep.

You are very loved my girl and I hope you will always know that.

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Bridal Session Giveaway

I don't think any of us expected to be doing something so soon, BUT we just had so much fun working on this inspiration shoot together that we decided to offer another collaboration. Only this time, we are offering our combined services to an actual bride to be.

If you or someone you know is getting married soon make sure you enter this giveaway.

What does it include?
-Free full bridal photography session by Snap Photography
-Hair and Make up by Brittany with Tanglez
-Floral arrangement by Elisha with E-Flowers

The giveaway goes live on my Facebook page tomorrow 04/19/2014 and will stay live until 05/31/2014. Make sure you like all three of our Facebook pages for a combined 9 entries. You can earn bonus entries by sharing on Pinterest, Facebook and your blog.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and I cannot wait to see who the lucky bride to be will be.

Enter your email and name to begin!
No I will not spam you, I just need to be able to contact you if you win! :)





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Collaboration Shoot


For those who are not yet fans on Facebook (shame on you) just kidding, but seriously............... click here and come join in the fun. A few weeks ago I put out a casting call for a wonderful Inspiration shoot in which I had teamed up with some incredibly talented women.

Brittany with  Tanglez Hair and Makeup shared her perfectionist make up and hair skills.


Elisha with E-Flowers provided us with some colorful and intricate floral designs.

Make sure you click on those links that I provided for you and make sure you head over to check out their amazing work.

Let's not forget our beautiful model Emma, she was such a natural in front of the camera and she even put up with my crazy requests! I assure you she is safe and well and she even volunteered to guinea pig for a future shoot.

The picture to the left is only a sample of some amazing photographs we got that day. And it is such a perfect representation of all four of our efforts. Thank you all for being a part of a dream shoot for me and I am so thrilled to have met not only three other professional women but three incredible women who I can call friends in the field.

Show us all some love and stay tuned for another exciting giveaway!


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Trial in Lifestyle Portraiture

Meet handsome little Kevin. He and his wonderful parents were gracious enough to have me over to their home to capture some of these special new moments in their lives. This was my first lifestyle photography session with a newborn and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to give the parents those timeless, precious images that most people are so accustomed to with the studio setup.

From the moment I laid eyes on little Kevin my heart just melted. That hair! Those cheeks! Every perfect little curve of his little being. He truly is one adorable little guy. I was introduced to Kevin's nursery and immediately my mind went into an overdrive of imagery. The fabric of the curtains with the afternoon light shining through casting a glow on him and his new parents. How daddy would rock him in his chair till he fell back asleep, to give his tired mom just a few more minutes of precious sleep. The fussy diaper changes, and the calm snoozing within the safety of his crib.

This was personal. This was intimate. This was lifestyle photography. And I LOVED it. Thank you Roxanna and Blake for allowing me into you home. And Kevin is just perfect. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your captured memories.


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Blogging my images I have decided that it is time for me to begin writing about my images and not simply posting them.

I want you all to get to know the person behind the lens and maybe connect with me on a more personal level.

Stay tuned while I catch up ;)

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