Inspiration Collaboration Shoot {Part One}

June 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This was the shoot of a long time vision.

Let me take you on a slight detour before reaching the destination of this personal dream......

When I decided to put myself out there as a professional photographer a few years ago, after having a passion for it for years it was incredibly nerve wrecking. When I began my journey I constantly compared myself to others in the field and felt so sub par and inferior. I wasn't quite bringing forth my vision in my head to my images.

Editing was another challenge, everyone was doing the same thing. Black and white image with an accent color. Old fashioned textured image. Overly saturated, glassy eyes, painfully fake images.

I felt as though I needed to follow suit in order to be successful, and looking back I wish I had developed and stayed true to my personal taste and style.

I picked up my camera and practiced every single day. I researched, I studied, I took classes, I invested in mentoring and equipment. Then one day................ I stopped............I looked at my pictures. Truly looked at my images. I was capturing my artistic vision. I was becoming the artist I wanted to be! It was exhilarating!

Do I edit? YES! And I have never denied that fact. But my goal as a photographer is to be able to capture as much as possible IN CAMERA. That is what separates professionals from amateurs. I show my clients the RAW files, I am not ashamed of them, they are beautiful and true. So why do I edit? I edit because I love color, I love definition, and as wonderful as nature and my camera are at capturing those two things, digital does not have the depth of film.

Here is a visual:-

The picture on the left is the edited version and the one on the right is straight out of camera, no tweeks. Notice the rainbow? Yes I didn't fake it in photoshop, I'm not that talented when it comes to photoshop (hopefully the rude email I received from another photographer will now absolve me from being a liar?). Did I enhance the rainbow? You better believe it! I caught a rainbow, I'd be a fool not to! Notice the bokeh in the background? Also not photoshopped. I did however enhance the color, and its at my discretion to do so since this is my art expression. Did I enhance handsome Keagons skin tone? Yup, because even though the rainbow is impressive he is the main focus of the image and I wanted to highlight his adorable cheeky smiling face.

Now back to the main focus of this post......

This beautiful woman and the other beautiful women who made it possible.

The beautiful model is Emma Johnson, naturally beautiful and perfect in every way. You would be green with envy if it wasn't for the fact that she is as adorable on the inside as she is on the outside. Funny, charismatic, elegant......... a photographers dream.

Brittany Sawatski with Tangles Hair and Makeup was on hand since we decided to go for two separate looks. Brittany was "heavily" pregnant at the time of the shoot and even though it made my heart jump to my throat she braved a few steep climbs to assist us. If anyone ever needs hair or makeup for ANY occasion, she truly is magnificent. Such attention to detail with spellbinding results.

Elisha Cook with E-Flowers was also kind enough to come assist with the shoot. Another amazing woman, she is truly an artist in her craft. The detail and colors of her arrangements were an inspiration on their own. Another person you definitely need to consider for your wedding or formal needs.

Would you be surprised if I told you that only Brittany and I had met previously?

It's the truth, and we met at the very beginning of my photography journey. I think all of us were slightly apprehensive about if we would all get along and if each others vision would truly be represented in the images, which rested on my shoulders. As you've all probably already guessed we got along fabulously. I felt as though we had all known each other for years and we were having a good old girls afternoon out. We laughed, we chatted, and we obviously took pictures.














I'm afraid this post will have to be in two parts as I underestimated how much I had to say, so to be continued........


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